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Inspiring Others.

Changing Lives.

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We provide . . .

  • Public speaking

  • Educational Consulting

  • Community Outreach and Partnering

  • Teaching & Training

  • Administrative Services

  • Resources at Book Events and Festivals

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Our blog articles on early childhood include . . .

  • Parent Information,

  • Math, and

  • Reading & Writing


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Red Stick Robin TM, (the educational branch of Rhema Enterprises LLC) is designed to provide early childhood educational content, inspired teachings, and motivational training.  Our mission is to inspire others and change lives.

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Educational Consulting


Public Speaking

Public Speaking: Under the leadership of Ms. Bea Gymiah, The America, My Oyster Association held a Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity graduation. At the event, I spoke about the Baton Rouge Bus Boycott event of 1953. This is one form of public speaking to meet the needs of those gathered.

Educational Consulting

Educational Consulting: The Baton Rouge African American Museum is renovating a new building which we are pleased to partner with them in providing educational consulting for the development of their parent information and resource center.

Bench Ceremony in Baton Rouge

Community Outreach and Partnering: At the celebration event of the placement of the bench at the McKinley Alumni Association, The original poem about the Baton Rouge Bus Boycott was presented for the first time as a part of a diverse program of celebrants.

Owners, Marvin and Robin Clark

Teaching and Training: With over 30 years as an ordained minister, Marvin J. Clark leads spiritual teaching and training with couples, families, and men. With over 20 years experience in education, Robin White Clark can provide early childhood educational training to teachers, school district staff and administration.

Book Events & Festivals

Book Events and Festivals: We are publishers of educational books and products. Attending book fairs, events, and festivals in Louisiana is something that we enjoy doing.

Administrative Services

Administrative Services: We provide custom writing products such as resumes, technical writing, grant writing, and educational curriculum development services.

Rhema Enterprises LLC's

Red Stick Robin develops and publishes educational materials, books,  and products.  Please see our current offerings available at

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